Project Questionnaire

As part of the Synergy CAV project, partners have created a questionnaire to find out what the general public understand about automated vehicles, also known as self-driving or driverless vehicles.

While these vehicles are still in development understanding how people feel about them, and what they want out of them, is an important part of planning for the future.

In this questionnaire, we would like to understand how the public feel about self-driving vehicles and how they may expect to benefit from them in the future.

The Synergy project, funded by Innovate UK, includes work to identify how transport policy needs to adapt to address changes in the way people use transport in reaction to the development of driverless vehicles.

The Synergy project is also doing trials of driverless vehicles. There will be two types being trialled: Pods and Kia cars. The pods are designed to drive with no driver on private land and do not have a steering wheel.

The KIAs are able to be drive on the public highway (within agreed parameters) because they have a safety driver who can take control and drive the car as normal.